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Compaqt V8 Change History

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Apr_18- GSTIN Information verification updated. Now address, trade name and much more info available from GSTIN Server.
























- Mill O/s Report: Tds will be deducted from o/s amount.
- Jobwork O/s Report: Tds will be deducted from o/s amount.
- CDNR - Bill no. and date will be properly displayed.
- CDUNR - Bill no. and date will be properly displayed.
- Mill Receipt Report - Added column of GST Amount.

- GST CDNR - Instead of serial no. invoice no. has been provided.

- Haste GST No. should be fed into Haster Master->Ref field. Printing is now available in invoices.
- GSTR1 has been updated. CDRN & CDNUR will auto show S.Ret / P.Ret entries.
- General Expense Module: Itemwise gst% can now be specified.
- ITC04 has been implemented.
- EWay bill report has been provided. 

- Trading Business: Weaver Module printing bug has been resolved.

- Trading Business: Challan: Saving on editing error has been resolved.

- Trading Business: Jobwork Section: A bug in scanner posting has been resolved.

- General Expense Module / Looms labour module: Printing as per GST provided.

- Tds report relating to General Income/Expense module cleared. Check Tds Reports - Monthly Tds Report (5)

- Trading Business - Jobwork Rec - Payable amt displayed on screen.
- Trading Business - Jobwork Rec - Data scanner miscalculated the net amount - Rectified..

- Trading Business - Jobwork entry - Tds calculation was on Gross amount - Rectified.
- Tds monthly report - Tds entry from jobwork has been corrected.

- Medical Business - Autogenerate GSTR1 was showing error. Resolved.

- Tds Monthly report - Gen Exp./Inc. module entries were not displayed, now rectified.
- Medical Business -HSN Summary amount effects now cleared.

- Tds Monthly report - Entry without tds entry in Gen Exp./Inc. module was coming, now rectified.
- Minimal setup Control Center has been released for bill printing terms, bank info, Udp setting has been provided.
- Trading Business: Grey Return Challan Printing set as per GST requirements.
- Trading Business: An old setting of Excise/Process in Mill section created [PR] accounts. This setting is now disabled.

- Adhat Business: Add less a/c effect option is now switched off.
- Trading Business: Jobwork menu is enabled by default.

- GSTR1 Autogeneration: A bug due to which proper data was not filled into excel has been resolved.
- Trading Business: Mill Receipt: TDS will be calculated only on taxable amount.

- Control Center has been allowed for accountants / multi-business users.
- Document Printing (sales/notes etc.) will not be allowed to printed under accountants / multi-business scheme.

- Party Master: X:Verify option has been added to verify GSTIN of all parties.
- New Party Add: Duplicate GSTIN No. not accepted, PAN No. auto filled up.
- Trading Business: Mill Receipts: Net amount display is now proper.
- GST Input Credit Report: Section wise data bifurcated and totals provided.
- Dr/Cr Note printing: Serial no. was missing. Updated.
- GST Reports: Warning only if party's GST number is not verified, will be provided.
- Trading Business: Jobwork: A/c postings done proper for TDS.

- Auto Verify GST No. feature added while adding party account online.
- Trading Business: Jobwork: A/c postings revised.
- Dr/Cr Notes: Printing Error: Resolved.

- New Footer Settings Enabled by default now.

- Many major / minor issues resolved.

- Trading Business: A mistake in calculation while running scanner has been resolved.
- General Inc/Exp: GST Form 3B Postings of RCM NO/YES was mistaken. Rectified.

- Trading Business: Jobwork: Net Amount was not rounded upon scanner. Bug resolved.
- Control Center is now locked for safety purposes.
- Dr/Cr Notes are not available automatically for all business.
- Gen Exp module has now been included in TDS monthly reports.
- GST Reports now show the party GST No. errors if any.

- Debit/Credit Notes now ask for account name in header.
- Mill o/s report. Net amount was coming without GST amount. This bug has been resolved.

- General Inc/Exp Module: RCM effect provided in GSTR 3B
- Trading Business: Mill Section: Footer: Remarks will be edited/entered after GST, Taxable figures were rounded to 2 decimal places, which has been taken care of now.

- GSTR1: Autogenerate: An error of string overflow, has been resolved.
- GST compliant printing Set for: Sales Return, Purchase Returns, Debit Note, Credit Note.
- Journal/Bank/Cash GST Posting, % was wrong in description. This bug is now corrected.

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