Compaqt V8 - GST Complaint & Online return filing is here...

GST Complaint & Online GST Return Filing Ready - Free downloadable by all registered users.

By updating this patch, you should be able to:
- Simple most implementation of GST with auto classification of GST into IGST/CGST/SGST.
- File online monthly & annual returns directly to GSTIN Servers via GSP Servers.
- Easily prepare GST Invoices & Print them.
- Auto Reconciled information for any mismatch of your invoice with supplier / customer from GSTIN Server.

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- Run the downloaded file: cipldos8.exe It will automatically update your existing program.

This program is provided without any warranty or guarantee of data operations, free of charge to any use who may find it useful.
- This program is distributed for single business only.
- All updates in this program is done strictly as per government’s regulations only. Any bug should however be brought into our notice immediately.
- All / any updates due to changes in government’s taxation reforms will be published on this page only.

How to Implement GST norms:
- Input/feed HSN code & Tax Code in Tarrif Heading in Item master
- Each Party Should have GST Code. In case of an NON-GST Registered party, type NONGST in the GST Code field.
- In Company Master specify the GST Code
- For each Purchase / Sales Item, check and specify the GST percent and GST amount in the invoice. In footer, automatically the total of the GST Amount will appear in the desired field.
- For Job / Service bills like Mill process, specify the GST % and amount in the footer.
- A Preset standard Invoice format is built in as per prescribed norms for the printing and delivery purposes. Please use this format and stick to this format until further instructions.

How to File Monthly Returns:

1. Once the Monthly Debit & Credit reports are checked and you are prepared to upload the data to the GSTIN Server, select the option in the EXIT Menu to upload the data to GSTIN Server.

This option will automatically upload your data to the GSTIN server as per government’s guidelines and desired format. You need not worry.
- In case of any discrepancy, you will be provided a list of the mismatched invoices.

Once you have checked and uploaded your data, press the final submission button provided therein.

2. You will find all your uploaded and return filed monthly and annual data at

Note: You must be subscribed to the annual return filing with Compaqt Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.

Information: 90335 11787 (Mr. Nitin)
Upgrade: 76220 20301 (Mr. Sandeep Chorge)
Support: 99989 74996 (Mr. Dharmesh Tailor)

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Website is under redesigning due to GST implementations. MERCI CLOUD COMPUTING information will be coming soon.